CNME sponsors a seminar series each year to expose trainees to cutting edge research in nanotechnology for the delivery of drugs, biological molecules, and diagnostic agents. The series is available as a for-credit course for UCSD graduate and pharmacy students and advertised across relevant departments. CNME seminars are held on Wednesdays at noon in PSB 1120 during the spring quarter.

2015 series: Grand medical challenges

​Special seminar: Innovation and entrepreneurship in the medical device industry

Peter Farrell, founder and chairman of the board of ResMed, Inc., a producer of medical equipment to treat, diagnose, and manage sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders, visited UC San Diego in June 2014 to share his perspective on fostering the development of new technologies likely to impact the clinic and biotech market.

2014 series: Clinically promising technologies

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Theme: Communicating Nanomedicine

Olivier Laurent


Peptide conjugation for targeting and delivery of protein therapeutics

Aaron Esser-Kahn

UC Irvine

Scalable, 3D approaches toward tissue vascularization

Justin Hanes

Johns Hopkins

Nanomedicine for mucosal tissues

Pep Pamies

Nature Materials

Appealing to Nature Materials - an editor's view

Eric Connor


Insight into polymer drug development: RLY5016, a potassium binder

Megan Frisk

Science Translational Medicine

Minding the gap: research and publishing in translational medicine

David Grainger

University of Utah

Challenges to altering nanoparticle biodistribution

Stuart Cantrill

Nature Chemistry

Communicating chemistry

Liangfang Zhang

UC San Diego

Nanoengineering in medicine, from cancer therapy to bacterial infection treatment


Theme: Frontiers in therapeutic and diagnostic delivery

Dennis Bong

Enhancing molecular recognition at the cell membrane

Debra Auguste

Biomimicry of leukocytes for vascular targeting

Yue Zhao

Photocontrollable nanostructures

Glen Kwon

Polymeric Micelles for Multiple Drug Delivery

Matthias Nahrendorf

Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging

Joseph DeSimone

Co-opting Moore's Law: vaccines and therapeutics on a wafer

Tejal Desai

Nanostructured Devices for Therapeutic Delivery

Erkki Ruoslahti

Vascular zip codes in targeted delivery of nanodevices

Alexander Kabanov

Polymer micelles from bench to bedside

Trevor Douglas

Protein cage architectures as templates for materials in medicine

Andrea Kasko

Photodegradable polymers for miomedicine

Sean Whelan

Biting the bullet: a tour of vesicular stomatitis virus cell entry

Heather Maynard

Protein-polymer conjugates for wound healing and drug delivery

Hugh Rosen

Of compounds, crystals and knock-ins: therapeutics of spingosine 1-phosphate

Steven Schwendeman

Injectable polymer depots to control release of peptides and proteins

Thomas Meade

Molecular imaging

Mark Grinstaff

Polymeric nanoparticles and films to prevent tumor recurrence after surgery

Francis Szoka

Polymer and lipid materials for drug and nucleic acid delivery

Eric Oldfield

Targeting isoprenoid biosynthesis for drug discovery

Thomas Hermann

RNA as a target, therapeutic, and material