About Us

The Center for Nanomedicine and Engineering (CNME) develops novel nano- and biomaterials that will enable the future of biological research and medicine.

CNME researchers create tools that push the frontiers of how disease is studied and treated by applying nanotechnology to the engineering of chip-based diagnostics, imaging agents, artificial tissues, drug delivery vehicles, and other biomedical materials and devices. Futuristic technologies under development include nanomotors that can be guided to desired locations within biological media, injectable materials that promote regeneration of damaged heart muscle, nanoparticles that deliver drugs in specific locations upon triggering by light or ultrasound, and imaging agents that “light up” specifically in response to disease cues. This transformative approach is enabled by our truly multidisciplinary team of chemists, bioengineers, nanoengineers, radiologists, ophthalmologists, and others. The center actively pursues translation to the marketplace and clinic; several investigators have established startup biotech companies.

CNME is one of eleven centers within the Institute of Engineering in Medicine, which was established to translate creative ideas into clinical medicine and novel products that will transform patient care. CNME is co-directed by Adah Almutairi of the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Ratneshwar Lal of the Department of NanoEngineering.